What is the Impact of Web Design and Web Development in a business?

Web Design And Development

Technology evolves every day bringing in new opportunities for businesses. Even with technology making things easier, it becomes hard for businesses to maximize on opportunities if they don’t have the expertise to help them tap into different technology changes. This is the exact situation businesses with limited knowledge of Website Design & Development Services find themselves in.

Web Design

Web Design is the process of planning, arranging, and conceptualizing internet content. It is the design of websites displayed on the internet. With modern web design, we no longer look at how the website looks also known as aesthetics. It also spreads to how the websites work or functionality. Web design, as opposed to what many people think is not limited to websites. It includes mobile apps, web apps, and user interface design.

Types of Web Design:-

• Basic Web Design
• Responsive Web Design
• CMS Web Design
• E-commerce Web Design
• Parallax Web Design
• Single-page Web Design
• Minimalist Web Design

Web Development

Web development is the entire process of developing a website. It is basically the process of building and maintaining a website. The main difference between web development and website design is that in web design, the designer comes up with the user interface of the website. In contrast, the web developer integrates web design into the web development process. The functionality of the website, application, and basically how the website works is done during the website development process. Web developers have to be creative in how they pull together user experience, search engine optimization, and other factors in building a good site.

Types of Web Development:-

• Front-end web development
• Back-end web development
• Full-stack web development

Importance of Web Design and Web Development

A Web Designer is responsible for a website’s look and feel. They should have skills in design, art, and coding, as well as an understanding of best practices to build a site that is functional, appealing, and successful at drawing users. Web Designers use a variety of graphic design software programs to build their sites. While coding isn’t their sole responsibility, a background in programming is useful to communicate their goals to Web development.
A Web development writes the code that brings a website to life. Front-end web programmers build the pages the web designer creates. Back-end web programmers write the server code that runs the website. Web developers are often familiar with web design concepts since they are responsible for making the user interface appealing to site users.

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