Mindset for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to my epic guide to mindset and personal development for entrepreneurs!

This topic is something I’ve been writing and speaking about for years, ever since I started my own online business back in 2008.

October 2018 marked the ten-year anniversary of starting my business—and what a journey it’s been! Over that time, I’ve moved from focusing mainly on my own business to becoming a coach and teacher for others getting started in online entrepreneurship. I’ve had the opportunity to guide so many smart, committed people starting their own businesses from scratch. I’ve also seen several of my friends go on to become very successful entrepreneurs—as well as a few who were once very successful but had to start over for some reason and rebuild their success.

Why Is Mindset Important for Entrepreneurs?

Through all of these experiences, I’ve learned just how important mindset is for the success of an entrepreneur. In fact, I’d say it’s probably the most important thing. You can have the best products, you can have all the right marketing strategies, you can have the right customers . . . but if you don’t have the right mindset, none of that stuff matters.

“A lot of times, we have built in beliefs and perceptions about what we are capable of, about what should or should not have happened to us, about the meaning of our lives. We kind of embrace these beliefs and they end up driving a big part of the actions we take on a daily basis. The things we do and do not do for ourselves and others.”

That’s a quote from an interview I did with Marc and Angel Chernoff in episode 370 of the SPI Podcast.

To build an effective business, you have to be effective with your time and energy and focus. The honest truth is, you can’t expect to change the lives of others without doing some work on yourself along the way.

As Marc and Angel point out, the beliefs and perceptions you have about what you’re capable of doing can either hold you back or catapult you forward. Pat Flynn, Marc Chernoff, Angel Chernoff         SPI 370: Staying Positive and Building a Business That Matters with Marc and Angel Chernoff           SPI 370: Staying Positive and Building a Business That Matters with Marc and Angel Chernoff          Join Newsletter 

Very often, the biggest barrier standing in the way of our success is US.

So how can you get out of your own way and build the business you’re capable of creating? That’s what this epic guide is all about.

I encourage you to listen to all of the podcast episode above—it will give you a sense of what’s truly possible when you’re willing to challenge yourself a little bit every day.

Then read on as we get started on an exciting path that will help you develop the mindset and habits for success in your business!

What to Expect in this Epic Guide to Mindset for Entrepreneurs

Over the next ten chapters of this epic guide, I’m going to share the deeper knowledge, habits, and practices that will help you grow into the entrepreneur you want to be. I’ll show you how you can create structure and manage your limited time and energy for maximum effectiveness. I’ll teach you how you can use your mistakes and failures as a launching pad for growth and success. And I’ll talk about the importance of staying humble and connecting with others.

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